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Earthquake in Nepal Earthquake in Nepal, Katmandu - 7.8 Magnitude - Kills Hundreds and Destroyed Buildings - April, 25 th, 2005 Epicenter at 80 Km from Katmandu, 15 Km deep.
Death toll reaches 1400 in Nepal and rising
New Delhi and Several Regions in the North of India also reported 5.0 Magnitude Quake from by the Nepal Earthquake. 24 people death in India.
Tremors - More than 16 tremors with more 4.5 magnitude were felt
Sherpas reported avalanches on Everest caused by the recent earthquake -
Katmandu is the capital Nepal, historic city.
The Airport is totally closed to all air traffic
Nepali - Nepal People are sleeping in parks and public places. More than 26 after shocks with 4.2 or more were detected after the quake.
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The Historic Dharahara (Bhimsen) Tower collapses in Kathmandu in the the Nepal quake. The Tower monument from 1832, and The 62-meter-high was listed by the UNESCO historic buildings
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Some Americans were killed in an avalanche on Mt. Everest that was triggered by the eartquaque. At least 17 climbers reported died in avalanches in Base Camp - At least 3 Americans were among the thousands killed in a massive earthquake that struck Nepal's capital .
One Aftershock 6.7 epicenter 65 Km from Kathmandu and 10 Km deep - More aftershocks for 7.8 magnitud possible for 1 magnitude 6 - 10 magnitude 5 - hundreds scale 4 - thousands scale 5 Tremors affected around 4.6 million people. The previous big quake was in 1932 with 2500 death.
Google executive Dan Fredinburg among hundreds dead from Nepal earthquake Worked in the Street View camera technology, and a new 360-degree imagery of Loch Ness. He was an experienced climber who co-founded, in his spare time, Google Adventure. Google Street View concept into extreme
People Search is available through SMS. In Nepal or India: Text "search (name)" to +91-9773300000 International charges may apply from Nepal. In US: text "search (name)" to +1 650-800-3978
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